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"Learning only starts after you empty your cup and make it a habit to always play the Devil's advocate, especially with yourself..."
Aron Bijl
MSc. Psychology

Aron Bijl, the host of “I’m just gonna say it!” has a degree in Psychology from the University of Amsterdam. He wrote his thesis on retroactive (backward in time) practice effects, thereby also entering into the field of Parapsychology.

His 20’s were spent, aside from sucking up information, being a typical rebellious seeker, experimenting with psychoactives, which eventually culminated in a short prison sentence after a drug-charge. Spending most of his time there meditating, he gained more clarity of purpose.

The years following that were spent finding himself even more, to finding his voice as well as a platform/medium for that voice. He went into freelance writing and managed to turn that into a stable source of income.  From that base, he started his YouTube channel in early 2019.

Always having had a great interest in spirituality, occult wisdom, the paranormal, philosophy, sociology, anthropology, and quantum physics as well as a passion for sharing knowledge, and being frustrated with all the information available that is vital to one’s worldview, that was unknown to the masses, he decided to create “I’m Just Gonna Say It!”: The web’s very own uncensored, no-nonsense channel, dealing with a broad range of fringe-topics. 

So if you are looking for straight-up videos exploring the edges of science and spirituality  with an open-minded approach AND a scientific  methodology, yet unbound by convention, you are at the right address! Please subscribe to the channel on YouTube and join Aron in a journey, exploring the outskirts of ourselves, others & the universe around – and inside us. VINCIT OMNIA VERITAS!

Currently, Aron is also working on a book on the nature of reality.

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