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Welcome to the episode schedule. Here you can find all previous episodes as well as the new ones that are already scheduled. Click on the episodes in the calendar for the episode-descriptions. You can also check out our blog section for more info on a specific episode.

When?Episode #SectionSubject
May 1 202037Utopolis ONEHow money keeps us poor & how the Corona-crisis might jumpstart our Evolution.
May 8 202038P4P - Proof for the ParanormalThe Poltergeist Phenomenon - Top 10 Best Poltergeists caught on tape
May 15 202039Spirit SeekersHow to Walk the Middle Path & Be Depolarized
May 29 202040E4E - Evidence for ExtraterrestrialsWhy the Pentagon released Gimbal and GoFast twice & more from May 2020
June 5 202041P4P - Proof for the ParanormalThe Poltergeist Phenomenon, part II: Science vs Field Research: An interview with Dr. Dick Bierman
June 12 202042Utopolis ONEHow to implement the money-free society with money: The City by City Model
June 19 202043Spirit SeekersTBA
June 26 202044E4E - Evidence for ExtraterrestrialsTBA
July 3 202045P4P - Proof for the ParanormalTBA
July 10 202046Utopolis ONETBA

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