P4P: Proof for the Paranormal

Psychokinesis (PK), Remote viewing, precognition & presentiment, clairvoyance, telepathy; they all fall in the domain of Parapsychology. A pseudoscience according to some skeptics, but in reality a field with a more rigorous methodology than most, at least where academic Parapsychology is concerned. Join Aron Bijl, MSc. as he explores Ganzfeld telepathy, the Stargate experiments at Stanford University, where remote viewing was used to spy on the Russians during the Cold War-era, and many more fascinating topics, in these episodes of I’m Just Gonna Say It. Aron wrote his Psychology-Master’s thesis on retroactive practice effects, entering into the field of Parapsychology. He has been on the board of directors for the Dutch Society for Psychical Research (SPR) since 2013.